Subjects offered at secondary level

Scholastic Subjects                       CBSE Code

English language Literature                       184

Bengali                                                           5

Mathematics                                                41

Science                                                          86

Social Science                                               87

Subjects offered at Higher secondary level

Main Subjects                               CBSE Code

English Core                                                  301

Bengali                                                           105

History                                                          27

Political Science                                           28

Geography                                                    29

Economics                                                     30

Mathematics                                                41

Physics                                                          42

Chemistry                                                     43

Biology                                                          44

Phychology                                                   37

Sociology                                                       39

Physical Education                                      48

Additional Subjects                           CBSE Code

IT                                                                    802

Painting                                                         49


The School houses a spacious library with a large collection of books for the readers of all ages. Besides, there is a large collection of reference books on all subject for the Students of classes VI to XII. There is a reading room adjacent to the library for quiet study. The library subscribes daily local and national newspapers and magazines. It has in store more than 500 books and we are adding books in this repository each year with an insatiable thirst for knowledge.

Smart Class :

As the traditional Chalk and Talk method of teaching is not sufficient to satisfy the various demands of the students so we have set Smart Classroom to cater to the needs of the teachers and students. Classes on various subjects are held here where the Student can have access to a vast store of knowledge beyond the prescribed text.

Play Grounds :

A big sized playground provide the arena where all the sports related activities are held.

Music Room

Students are taught Hindustani Vocal music as a co-curricular subject from class-III onward.


The canteen caters to the need of both the Students and staff of the School. Good quality food at affordable prices is available here. MDM workers also prepares and serves the mid-day-meal of the School.

Tentative Exam Dates :-

July 2020 - Periodic Test 1 (III-IX) From 1st week of july, Pre-Test Exam of Class X and XII last week of july 2020.

Half Yearly Exam and 1st unit test of Class XI - Last week of September.

Half Yearly Exam of Class XI, Periodic Test 2 from Class III to XI - 3rd week of November 2020.

Madhyamik & H/S(+2 Stage) Test Exam 2nd week of December 2020.

Madhyamik & H/S (+2 Stage) Test Exam Result - 1st week of January 2021.

2nd Unit test if Class XI - 1st Week of january 2021.

Annual Exam of Class III to IX & XI - Last week of February.

Declaration of Annual Result of Class 1 to XII - Within March 2021.

Tantative Holiday List :- Attached to the mail.

Scholarship & Merit Awards :- Pre-Matric, Post-Matric,Marit Awards,Online Stipend, OBC Stipend, Minority Stipend, BPL Stipend etc.